Dental/Oral Hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the simplest way to prevent the majority of dental problems.  Proper brushing and flossing techniques and regular dental check-ups are the most common and effective methods in caring for your teeth.

At Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S. in New York City, our dental hygienists are highly trained licensed oral health professionals who offer educational and clinical services to our patients. They can instruct our patients on how to successfully care for their teeth at home, as well as the best ways to prevent, detect and treat tooth decay and periodontal disease.

During your check-up, our hygienists will thoroughly clean all surfaces of your teeth and remove plaque, tartar and stains.  Plaque is a yellow, sticky film that forms on the teeth and gums.

The bacteria in plaque corrode the enamel, leading to tooth decay.  Regular check-ups allow our hygienists to remove unhealthy bacteria from your teeth before it causes any damage.

Our hygienists may also take dental x-rays to diagnose any underlying dental issues that may cause future problems.  These detailed x-rays allow Dr. Rozenberg to check the health of the tooth root and bone surrounding the tooth, as well as monitor the general health of your teeth and jawbone.

To schedule a routine check-up, contact Dr. Rozenberg and the staff at Lana Rozenberg D.D.S. at (212) 265-7724 or click here to schedule a consultation online for our New York City Dental Office.

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