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As we age, our skin becomes less elastic and loses volume, particularly around our face.  Smile lines become more prominent, as do wrinkles around the mouth.  At Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S. in New York City, we want all of our patients to feel confident about their smiles without having to undergo invasive treatments.

Dr. Rozenberg offers patients a scalpel-free way to improve their smile and facial structure.  Before we create your brand new smile, you’ll start with a consultation to discuss several factors, such as face shape, tooth size, age and skin tone.  Each patient is different and has specific needs, which we take into consideration when discussing your new smile.

During the Rejuvenating Smile Lift procedure, the outer portion of the teeth is built up through the use of veneers.  These veneers add more translucencies to the teeth and widen the smile, creating a fuller and more youthful smile.  By simply setting your teeth in the correct position, we can help ensure that your teeth are able to support your lips in a fuller, more youthful looking smile.

With our Rejuvenating Smile Lift procedure, there’s absolutely no downtime, so patients can leave our offices with a rejuvenated smile and added confidence.

FAQs About Our Rejuvenating Smile Lift:

What Is A Rejuvenating Smile Lift?

A Rejuvenating Smile Lift is a procedure that can help create a fuller, more youthful looking smile without the need for surgery.

What Is A Veneer?

A veneer is a laboratory made porcelain facing bonded on top of your natural tooth. Veneers look and feel like natural teeth, require little preparation, and are minimally invasive.

Will A Rejuvenating Smile Lift Procedure Hurt?

Our Rejuvenating Smile Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses porcelain veneers to help improve your smile and facial structure. In most cases, Dr. Rozenberg will have to lightly reshape your teeth before bonding the veneers, but the procedure is considered painless.

How Long Will The Veneers Last?

Veneers last 10 to 15 years and sometimes longer as long as patients maintain proper dental care.

For more information about our Rejuvenating Smile Lift, contact Dr. Rozenberg and the staff at Lana Rozenberg D.D.S. at (212) 265-7724 or click here to schedule a consultation online for our New York City dental office.

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